Sports Chaplaincy in Estonia

Vision in three years

  • Network of sports chaplains (around 10 committed chaplains)
  • Sending committed chaplains abroad for trainings (incl gym chaplains) and/or major
  • Organising training for the chaplains in Estonia, possibly involving international expertise
  • Three sports/disciplines have had useful experiences with sports chaplains


Year 2021 in English.

Below is the overview of the activities related to establishing sports chaplaincy in Estonia.

February 2019
The proposal was written to the Cultural Endowment of Estonia.

March 2019
Grant was received from the Cultural Endowment of Estonia in the sum of 300 EUR (that enabled to
participate at the consultation for sports chaplains in Germany)

April 2019
Participating at the consultation for European sports chaplains in Germany led by Ross
Georgiou and Warren Evans
Facebook-page was created and continuous updating
Presentation at the information day for municipalities and churches in Rapla county
Introductory article in the Estonian Lutheran newspaper

May 2019
Skype-consultation with Andrew Parker related to research on sports chaplaincy
Participating at the ECSU Gathering (4 days), involving consultation with Ross Georgiou
Preparation for the visit of Athletes in Action in June 14-30, where sports chaplains will be
Meeting with the Secretary General of the Estonian Olympic Committee
Preparation for participating as a chaplain during the Summer Universiade in Naples, Italy
Two radio interviews for the Christian radio channels
Blogpost on sports chaplaincy in the website of Tallinn Christian Mosaic Church
In April-May the process of applying for a certificate of the chaplain took place, the certificate
was not issued after all.

June 2019
Visit of Athletes in Action Track and Field team, it was possible to briefly introduce sports chaplaincy
to 40 coaches and athletes in Tallinn and in Tartu.
Introduction of the sports chaplaincy to the Estonian Council of Churches
Preparation of the international mentorship programme for the sports chaplaincy initiators.

July 2019
Report submitted to the Cultural Endowment with an overview of activities to date (see report), 3

The idea was created to create a website that would offer practical help to sports organizations to
solve various life situations (e.g if an athlete is depressed, grieving or injured, or a case of abuse occurs
in a club, etc.)
Additional funding opportunities sought (interacted with funds and sponsors)
Established contact with interested sports clubs/athletes, including shared experiences at a sports
psychology conference in Germany
Prepared business card
Preparation of the international mentorship programme for the sports chaplaincy initiators.

August 2019
The initial outline of the website was prepared, but the project was not supported by the
Cultural Endowment.
Written to a few more funders, but they do not respond.
Preparation of an international mentoring program for sports glider founders in cooperation
with the leaders of the UK and Athletes in Action

October 2019
Conference call with an international network of sports chaplains
A negative response was received from the coordinators of the Olympic Chaplains
There was a price offer for the website (1200 eur), plan to submit a long-term project to the
Cultural Endowment in November
Registered in the International Mentoring Program for Sports Chaplains

November 2019
A request for funding was submitted to the Cultural Endowment to create a website and to
participate in the mentorship program and at the international conference (in the amount of
1800 euros)
Participation in the conference organized by the Estonian Union of Chaplains on November 22
Participation in the conference “Healthy Sport: The Role and Responsibility of the Coach and
the Sports Organization in Preventing and Intervening Abuse”
A couple of meetings and conversations with like-minded people about establishing sports

December 2019
Admission to the International Mentoring Program for Sports Chaplains; mentor is Sue Morris
from Sports Chaplaincy New Zealand
• Funding application to the Cultural Endowment received partial funding in the amount of
300eur (1800 was applied) to cover the participation fee of the mentoring program (partial
• A recommended guide was prepared for sports coaches to conduct the last pre-Christmas
training more meaningfully

Activities in 2020

  • Project application to the Council of Estonian Churches to make a website for the chaplaincy (proposal applied for 1200eur, it resulted with being granted 200eur)
  • Participation in a mentorship program – regular monthly meetings with a mentor, meeting with the Strengthfinder coach, meetings on the vision and the marketing
  • Article at the online-portal of the Estonian Public Broadcasting on the sports policy and the need for the safeguarding/chaplaincy in the Estonian sports
  • Article in the journal of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in connection with sports psychology and management
  • Communication with the Estonian Olympic Committee (work in progress, a slow one)
  • Communication with a couple of athletes and sports officials related to corona-situation and the possible help from the sports chaplain
  • Developed a worksheet for the athletes how to deal with isolation
  • Developed a worksheet for the coaches how to deliver practices online
  • Participated in the podcast at the newspaper Postimees introducing sports chaplaincy
  • Interview in the morning program of a Christian Radio Channel
  • An article in the Christian youth magazine Pluss linking sports and religion
  • Participating at the podcast organized by 3D church
  • Registered website domain
  • Created e-mail
  • Continuously updated Facebook-page to introduce the role of the sports chaplain
  • Introductory section in the National TV daily show
  • The board of Tallinn Christian Mosaic Church decided to cover the costs of the mentorship programme (495USD)
  • Contact the Estonian Football Association to discuss about possible cooperation
  • Website and a possible Youtube-channel introducing the role of the chaplain and supporting athletes/coaches
  • Participated at the International Virtual Conference on Sports Chaplaincy (organized by Sports Chaplaincy UK)